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Nutritional Counseling by Live Fit for Women

True health and wellness includes a combination of both nutrition and exercise. With proper nutrition, each client will have the energy and physical well being to help him/her stay healthy now and for the rest of his/her life. Jessica Kwitek is a dietitian with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Athletic Training and Nutrition. Jessica Kwitek can therefore create a personalized menu plan that is right for each individual. Her programs incorporate nutrition goals, genetics, and lifestyle into a plan specifically designed for each client using the foods that he/she likes to eat. She helps each client make the lifestyle modifications necessary for a long, healthy life.

Jessica’s commitment to healthy living and her excitement for nutrition help to inspire others. She is motivated by her desire to see her clients succeed in their lifestyle and weight management goals.

Some Quick Nutrition Basics!


Lots and Lots of Water 8 glasses (8oz each)

Fruit and Veggies

Eat at least 5 servings of each per day


Eat a diet rich in high fiber foods (30 grams per day)


You want protein to be 30 – 40% of your daily food intake (animal or plant low fat protein)


Portion control is the number one reasons diets fail! Understand the serving size for each food item you eat!

White Sugar

Watch out for foods that have been stripped of their nutrient value. Lots of Grain products have been stripped to promote a longer shelf life


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